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This highly efficient pressure-stabiliser will radically reduce your down time and give you much more kilometers per tyre. To contact distributors click here.

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How Does It Work?

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Designed to be used on any tubeless pneumatic tyre, PS2 is applied through the valve-stem (or can be poured in the carcase) once the valve-core has been removed. Rotation of the tyre then evenly distributes the compound around the inner surface of the tyre. The viscosity of the product is very high and will cover the entire of the inside of the tyre.

TyreFluid in Action:



When a leak occurs, the centrifugal force of the rotating tyre and internal pressure, forces the highly viscose fluid into the aperture. Special fibres contained in the compound are packed into the leak to cause a permanent seal that will last the lifespan of the tyre. Part of the solution that reaches the outside surface of the tyre oxidizes on contact with the atmosphere. In this way, a leak that occurs while driving will seal instantly.



PS2 has not only been successfully been implemented but proven indispensable in everything from underground mining vehicles, open cast and articulated dump trucks, heavy duty service vehicles, front end loaders, industrial vehicles and busses, graders, site bakkies/pick-ups to timber jacks, loggers and agricultural vehicles as well as bush vehicles, light trucks and short or long distance trucks.



PS2 was designed especially to keep tyre pressure constant and will seal O-ring,vent hole and valve leaks or leaks due to poor tyre repairs. It will even keep tyre pressures constant on a smooth ran-out (Earth-Moving) tyre with high porosity and slow leaks.



Added plusses:

PS2 is a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based product that will not rot. It contains powerful anti-rust components that help keep your wheel rims safe from corrosion. It’s Gly-col/anti-freeze properties ensures it won’t dry out for the entire lifespan of the tyre and it is designed to withstand both high and low temperatures. The solution contains two types of fibre - the aramid fibres found in bullet proof vests that help block larger punctures and microscopic fibres that seal off the miniscule pores in the rubber that allows air to escape especially during excess friction caused by improperly inflated tyres.

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