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This highly efficient pressure-stabiliser will radically reduce your down time and give you much more kilometers per tyre. To contact distributors click here.

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PS/2 Tyre Fluid

PS2 - Designed for heavy-duty industrial, transport, farming and mining equipment.

PS2 is South Africa's only locally manufactured pressure stabiliser and tyre fluid. Designed specifically for industrial use and South African conditions, it will keep air pressure constant for as long the tyres last and seal leaks as soon as they surface.
It is imperative for maximising tyre and vehicle performance and prolonging tyre life. PS2 Tyre Fluid leads to significant savings with reduced downtime.


  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial, transport, farming and mining equipment.
  • Permanently seals leaks to prevent flats or blow outs.
  • Improves safety while driving and guards against porosity leaks.
  • Stop O-ring and vent hole leaks or leaks due to poor tyre repairs.
  • Assists industrial tyres to hold air even when the carcass is in an extremely poor condition after operating in rough terrain.
  • Strong anti-rust properties prevents rust of wheel rims.
  • Anti freeze qualities prevent it from drying out inside the tyre for the tyre's entire lifespan.
  • Water based, non toxic, nonflammable and biodegradable.
  • Contains both powerful Aramid fibres used in bullet proof vests and microscopic fibres to seal molecular fissures.
  • Withstands both extreme high and low temperatures.
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